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Jul 2022 -

Jul 2023

Community Manager LATAM for BNB Chain | Binance

  • Spearheaded the cultivation and oversight of the BNB Chain community in LATAM, driving heightened regional awareness, comprehension, and favorable interaction.

  • Devised and executed robust marketing strategies and brand communication initiatives, instrumental in amplifying BNB Chain’s digital presence and brand recognition throughout LATAM.

  • Fostered strategic alliances with local Developer Communities, esteemed Universities, Blockchain associations, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and diverse web2 and web3 cohorts, establishing a robust network of partnerships.

  • Orchestrated seamless end-to-end implementation of impactful online and offline Developer campaigns, including hackathons, workshops, and conferences, from conceptualization to realization, resulting in successful engagement and participation.

Oct 2020 -

Apr 2022

Crypto Community Manager | Bitso

  • Established a robust feedback loop between the community and the company, ensuring that user insights and sentiments were effectively communicated within the organization.

  • Innovatively conceptualized and executed captivating promotional campaigns, contests, and programs that resonated deeply with the crypto community.

  • Grew Community a 300% in 1 year 

  • Fostered meaningful connections by actively responding to user inquiries, addressing concerns, and facilitating valuable interactions

  • Crafted a strategic narrative that positioned Bitso as a cutting-edge and user-centric brand in the crypto domain.

Jul 2020 -

Oct 2020

Project Manager | Vetta

  • Employed strategic market analysis to identify and exploit untapped B2B growth opportunities, resulting in a substantial expansion of client base and revenue streams.

  • Effectively addressed user feedback, transforming insights into actionable improvements that contributed to enhanced user satisfaction and sustained engagement.

  • Developed and executed innovative B2B growth strategies, leveraging a keen understanding of market dynamics and trends to drive revenue acceleration.

  • Crafted and executed dynamic social media campaigns, harnessing the power of Facebook and Google Ads to amplify brand visibility and drive targeted audience engagement.

Apr 2019 -

Jul 2020

Events & Community Manager | Ironhack

  • Orchestrated and executed over 60 high-impact tech events and webinars in a single year, designed to foster a vibrant community and nurture potential leads.

  • Skillfully tailored content to resonate with target demographics, contributing to enhanced brand visibility and organic audience growth.

  • Spearheaded the strategic planning of impactful marketing actions, aligning efforts with organizational goals and market trends.

  • Played an instrumental role in tackling one of Mexico’s most pressing challenges within the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem: the scarcity of technical talent.

Dec 2018 -

Apr 2019

Project Manager | Hult Prize Foundation

  • Spearheaded the conception and execution of the impactful Changemaker Festival México, a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering impact and entrepreneurship within Mexico City.

  • Successfully orchestrated 19 enriching keynotes and workshops, curated with precision to offer valuable insights and inspiration to a diverse audience.

  • Collaborated with 33 distinguished speakers from 31 prominent companies, curating a diverse range of perspectives to enrich the festival's content.

  • Achieved a remarkable turnout of over 600 engaged attendees, solidifying the festival's reputation as a premier platform for fostering impactful innovation.

  • Provided invaluable support in the seamless execution of regional summits, offering strategic logistics planning and effective communication management.

  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to ensure flawless event operations, thereby enhancing the overall attendee experience and event impact.

Feb 2018 -

Dec 2018

Community Programs Intern | Techstars

  • Collaborated closely with diverse teams throughout LATAM to facilitate the execution of impactful events, including Startup Weekend, Startup Week, and other prominent initiatives.

  • Played an active role in establishing standardized procedures for Community Leaders across LATAM, optimizing event planning and execution.

  • Crafted compelling and culturally relevant marketing and communication materials tailored for Spanish-speaking communities.



Ironhack | Bootcamp

  • Completed an intensive Full Stack Web Development program encompassing front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React) and back-end technologies (Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Axios).

  • Proficiently utilized Git and GitHub for version control, ensuring collaborative and organized development practices.

2016 - 2020

Escuela Bancaria y Comercial | Bachelor's Degree

  • Communication and entertainment business administration

  • Gained a holistic understanding of the dynamic intersections between media, communication, and the entertainment industry. Acquired expertise in strategic communication, marketing, project management, and business fundamentals, positioning me to excel in roles that require a blend of creativity, effective communication, and business acumen.

& Expertise

  • Community Management

  • Events & Webinars Specialist

  • Digital Growth

  • Web development

  • Content

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